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"Whatever is wisest in you
is dancing"

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer- Note to Self above the Paradox Valley 

About me

Hello! I am Ava. I love to make art, to connect deeply with others and to frolic in nature. I am in awe of the ways people can adapt, develop and grow despite challenging conditions and believe deeply in the power of a good boogie. 

In 2018, whilst working with a coach myself I stepped into a growing certainty that one vital way to engage with the change that I feel is so needed to face the environmental, cultural and economic crises we are living in is for us to get to know ourselves better and to offer kindness and understanding towards ourselves. I believe this in turn, cannot help but ripple out into the world. I discovered a deep desire and capacity within myself to offer this kind of work to others and set about seeking a way to do so.


When I discovered Integral Development Coaching, I felt I had found a methodology that really spoke to my integrity for the change I want to see, my endless curiosity for creativity, new learning and a strong invitation to remain curious, flexible and always in flux- not to aspire towards finished-ness,  being an 'expert' or trying to 'fix' people. Integral Development Coaching is a holistic yet focused and deep methodology that welcomes us as whole beings, takes into account our bodies, minds, environments, relationships and more. It is client-lead and draws from many different wisdoms. It is not dogmatic and I have found it to be affirming, empowering and refreshing in its approach.

For all of my adult life I have been working with and for organisations working to make the world a better place and I have experience with behaviour change charities, sustainable food cooperatives, local arts organisations, activist groups, radical publishing and nature based events. 

In 2020 I certified to offer Integral Development Coaching with Thirdspace Coaching in London. Since certification I have worked with private clients and  I have been continuing to study and embody my learning whilst learning more facilitation skills and deepening my own relationship with practice and self reflection. I am passionately committed to my own Integral Development and attend regular supervision. My current way of working is now also informed by Internal Family Systems and Nonviolent Communication methodologies alongside my Coaching training. I am now offering coaching to those wishing to step into a life of curiosity, compassion and courage. Please get in touch for an initial call to assess our compatibility. 

"In my first session with Ava, I instantly felt comfortable and safe. Her gentle and very perceptive practice amazed me from the start, and many of the tools and techniques she introduced me to have become important parts of my daily life. 


I can confidently say that with Ava’s help, I was able to find myself again, un-picking stubborn beliefs that stood in my way, and find the courage to take a big positive step forward.”


(Client 2020-2021)

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