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People are wonderful.

The world is in trouble.

 I work with people to discover, cherish and live in alignment with their essential selves through one-to-one coaching online or in-person in the South-West of the UK. With this style of coaching, we work with narratives and explore ways of framing to invite you into a wider and more compassionate way of seeing yourself. I believe we can start making the changes we want to see in the world inside our own system and I love to work with people who have come to a point in their creative, professional or personal lives where something that used to 'work' is no longer working and they're open to a change. We will focus on your passions, gifts and qualities and together, find ways to allow yourself to step into new ways of being. Please get in touch via the contact tab for a free initial conversation to see if we can work together. 

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"I found Ava to be a fantastic coach who's integral approach really helped me reconnect with myself and find clarity. Ava has a warm and compassionate way and she gently created space for me to shift existing thought patterns and connect the dots by helping me try different reflective practices and offering different narratives. Working with Ava felt like a real partnership in which we learnt together - if something didn't land quite right or didn't work for me, she always welcomed that feedback and offered alternatives. Through working with Ava I've moved from feeling stuck to having greater clarity and conviction around where I want to go next, whilst appreciating more deeply all of the things that currently give me support, joy and purpose."


(Client 2023/24)


What's Integral Development Coaching? 

Let's break it down...


The word integral relates to things being integrated and having integrity. It gestures towards the welcome of all parts of us to make up our wholeness and situate ourselves in context: in time, space and in relationship. We live in challenging times. 


This kind of coaching draws on many different wisdoms, and remains un- dogmatic in its flexible approach to lead us towards ever more inclusion of the parts of us that have been forgotten or rejected. Every part of you is welcome. 




Development is a journey. In this methodology it means an expanding or deepening. As we develop we increase our capacity, our understanding and our ability to respond.  


Developmental coaching welcomes us to be in touch with how change is made in each present moment and the inevitability of our own growth as our lives unfold as a series of moments. 


This kind of Coaching is non directive, client-lead and supportive. 

Engaging in a coaching relationship is like taking on an accomplice in your own development. A friend or ally, who is working alongside you to facilitate change, to hold space and to offer reflections and insight into what is happening for you. 

Coaching offers a committed space to put getting curious about yourself as priority. 

Note: The images in the headings here are lino-prints made by me. 

"Ava holds a deeply supportive, encouraging and perceptive space. She is warm, authentic, holistic and made me feel immediately safe and seen. She weaves in many beautiful ideas & imagery and makes links between things I'd never considered. I know that truly anything I bring is welcome and able to be witnessed and explored. She invites me to see myself in a different, more compassionate and accepting way whilst motivating me to shift patterns and beliefs that don't serve me. I look forward to our sessions and the depth of kinship I feel."


(Client 2022)

How does it happen?


In our sessions together, we will explore your lived experience, your specific challenges and your innate strengths and gifts through conversation with plenty of compassion and curiosity. I will offer new distinctions and reflections and I will offer warm holding to create a safe space to allow for brave enquiry and celebration of all that you already are. 

Self reflection

We will step into curiosity about patterns that show up in your life and welcome you into deeper self observation and awareness of those patterns and behaviours that contribute to feeling stuck. We will also notice and explore the ways in which you're already thriving. We will also stay connected and aware of your context within wider systems. 


We will explore ways that practice can change and shape our experience and get curious about which practices can support the changes you want to see. 

Our sessions become a practice space too, a connection to return to: the gentle rhythm of accompanied enquiry. 

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